Name: Ardett, son of Artest
Number: 19831109C
Rank: Lieutnant
Security clearance: Kilo Uniform Lima 3 Zeta
Spieces: Vulcan
Gender: Male
Year of birth: 2331
Starfleet Academy class: 2363
Divison: Command
Branch: Command
Ship: USS “Discovery”
Function: Flight control officer



Awards and decorations:



Career Overview:
Early life: Famous parents
Academy advanced course: Advanced tactical school
Notable cadet missions:
“Survival Test”
Cadet cruise: Diplomatic Misson aboard USS “Zhukhov”
Tour of duty: Attache on Qo’noS

Advanced training programs:

Branch officer training:
Bridge Officer Certification (IV/2366 year).
Branch Officer Training (II/2367).

Notable missions:
“Shakedown Cruise”, “Crusoe Effect”, “Ghosts of the Past”, “Battle at Wolf 359”, “Enemy You Know”, “The Cradle Will Fall”, “Idol Threats”, ""Red Giant", “The Rescue at Xerxes IV”.

Service record:
2363 – promoted to ensign.
2363 – started duty as military attache on Qo’nos.
I/2366 – started duty aboard USS “Discovery” in flight controll department.
I/2366 – SilverPalm.jpg “Silver Palm” awarded.
III/2366 – ServiceAward.jpg “Service Award” awarded.
III/2366 – promoted to lieutnant junior grade.
IV/2366 – Bridge Officer Certification completed.
IX/2366 – StarfleetMedalofHonour.jpg “Starfleet Medal of Honor” awarded.
IX/2366 – SpaceExplorationMedalion.jpg “Space Exploration Medallion” awarded.
I/2367 – temporary assigned as USS “Melbourne-A” I officer and flight controll officer.
I/2367 – participated in battle at Wolf 359.
I/2367 – PraentaresRibbonFirstClass.jpg “Praentares Ribbon of Commendation First Class” awarded.
I/2367 – battleofwolf369medal.jpg “Battle at Wolf 359 Medal” awarded.
II/2367 – Branch Officer Training completed.
VI/2367 – promoted to lieutnant.
VI/2367 – asigned as USS “Discovery” flight control officer.


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