Name: Ardett, son of Artest
Number: 19831109C
Rank: Lieutnant
Security clearance: Kilo Uniform Lima 3 Zeta
Spieces: Vulcan
Gender: Male
Year of birth: 2331
Starfleet Academy class: 2363
Divison: Command
Branch: Command
Ship: USS “Discovery”
Function: Chief flight control officer



Awards and decorations:


Career Overview:
Early life: Famous parents
Academy advanced course: Advanced tactical school
Notable cadet missions:
“Survival Test”
Cadet cruise: Diplomatic Misson aboard USS “Zhukhov”
Tour of duty: Attache on Qo’noS

Advanced training programs:

Branch officer training:
Bridge Officer Certification (IV/2366 year)
Branch Officer Training (II/2367)

Notable missions:
“Shakedown Cruise”, “Crusoe Effect”, “Ghosts of the Past”, “Battle at Wolf 359”, “Enemy You Know”, “The Cradle Will Fall”, “Idol Threats”, ""Red Giant", “The Rescue at Xerxes IV”, “Biological Clock”.

Service record:
2363 – promoted to ensign.
2363 – started duty as military attache on Qo’nos.
I/2366 – started duty aboard USS “Discovery” in flight controll department.
I/2366 – SilverPalm.jpg “Silver Palm” awarded.
III/2366 – ServiceAward.jpg “Service Award” awarded.
III/2366 – promoted to lieutnant junior grade.
IV/2366 – Bridge Officer Certification completed.
IX/2366 – StarfleetMedalofHonour.jpg “Starfleet Medal of Honor” awarded.
IX/2366 – SpaceExplorationMedalion.jpg “Space Exploration Medallion” awarded.
I/2367 – temporary assigned as USS “Melbourne-A” I officer and flight controll officer.
I/2367 – participated in battle at Wolf 359.
I/2367 – PraentaresRibbonFirstClass.jpg “Praentares Ribbon of Commendation First Class” awarded.
I/2367 – battleofwolf369medal.jpg “Battle at Wolf 359 Medal” awarded.
II/2367 – Branch Officer Training completed.
VI/2367 – promoted to lieutnant.
VI/2367 – asigned as USS “Discovery” chief flight control officer.


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